Monday, March 7, 2011

Food @ Essence, Sheraton Imperial

A few weekends ago, back in February (am so behind and so slow with updating my blog... been super busy!), husband and I went out on 2 date nights in a week - cue the "woah" sound effect.

Why so special ar?

Husband had paid for the starwood privilege membership and with it came vouchers for free dining. So, it wasn't a romantic gesture or anything, just merely an effort to use up the vouchers.

And, I made the effort to take photos of the buffet spread at Essence, Sheraton Imperial. Until they stopped me at the dessert bar that is. humph. think it was the dessert chef - am sure she was just defensive about people copying her work.

fresh oyster - ok la

dessert bar from afar - looks pretty huh? 

sugar free = guilt free? 

i know why desserts always look so appealing - they are always so colorful! 

this was not the dessert bar, but the cheese and fruit platter

the after dinner self portrait.... 

think we were at dessert by about 8.15pm? :) hahaha...

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