Monday, August 3, 2009

New and First

(just found this post still sitting in draft... so in an attempt to revive my blog... here it is... and hopefully to more to come... *fingers crossed*)

Learnt a new fact today - that I only have enough haemoglobin for myself, not enough to be a donor.
haemoglobin: (pronounced 'hair-more-glow-bin') the red blood cells, ones that carry oxygen around in your body...
I have a haemoglobin reading of 12.6 which is just borderline anemic.

And did my first organised run since December 2007 over the weekend - the Adidas King of the Road run. Signed up for the 11km run, but it ended up being 12km (according to my Polar watch and footpod). It was a pretty good run, considering I have felt worse during other 10km runs where am struggling to finish and feeling the pain at each step. Neverthelesss, during this run, I got a stitch on the right side of my tummy quite early on, and it wouldn't go away for a long time, despite my efforts to try and take in each deep breath. So I skipped both the drink stations, not wanting to make it any worse, because after many km's I was starting to get affected by it. But at the 2nd drink station, my sister ran up to me with a cup of 100+ which i took a mouthful of. Thanks sis!

Anyways, after that 2nd drink station, which was about 7.7km, and not even noticing that the stitch had disappeared, I got into my groove. Each step just felt really good, like I could keep going forever...I kept checking my pace and surprisingly, I hadn't slowed down that much and was even faster than what i usually run during my training runs. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that i didn't lose steam if I was going too fast. And then when the stadium loomed into sight, it was a relief, but I still had to pace myself to make sure I could make it to the finishing line.

It was a looong finish... ie the last leg of the run that takes the runners through the tunnel to get into the stadium grounds were so looong, and dark... ! but finally... I MADE IT!

The run was dedicated to Kirby.
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