Sunday, April 25, 2010


Gasp! I love the white dress that SJP wears in the trailer. I dunno when I'll be able to fit into something like that again.... well fit into it and look as good as she does in my own right... hurmmm.....

But enough about me, the 2nd movie does look exciting! I love Empire State of Mind and that song by Alicia Keys totally depicts New York - love! love! love! Love the extravagance of the outfits they are wearing when they are Abu Dhabi and can't wait to see more of it, espc Samantha interpreting Cleopatra fashion for the 21st century. *gasp* And Aidan.... he looks yum... and don't you love how SJP can show so much emotion in her puppy dog eyes. She's so different when she's with Big than when she's with Aidan.

Anyways, although the first movie was a little bit of a disappointment, it was disjointed and the dear 4 ladies are getting a little bit over the hill - they are not as vibrant as they used to be in the tv series, nevertheless, it's good to see them altogether again. So I look forward to see how their lives develop, with SJP and Mr Big tackling the possible baby issue and Charlotte moving along with motherhood - now mom to her adopted and own kid, etcc....

Can't wait!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Egg Tart update

There was a stage when I was going through an egg tart phase.. and had 1 a day for dessert after lunch... and hence the reason for this earlier post. Anyways, had since weaned myself off them after that time... and then tried another one from Mr. Siew Bao:

I got the Portugese Egg Tart, just to try something different. It is definitely not as good as the John King ones. The taste is there, but somehow John King can preserve the soft taste of the egg and the puffy light-ness of the pastry even while it stays displayed out of the oven.

The Mr. Siew Bao ones get crunchy and a bit tough at the pastry when you finally eat them. Not as good lar.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Date Night

Sister scored some free GSC tickets again and she wasn't going to use it, so guess who gets to benefit from them? Her favourite sister and brother in law of course. :) hehehe....

Went to redeem the movie tickets for Date Night - starring Steve Carrell (from The Office, US version) and Tina Fey (of SNL fame, and of course, for her role in 30 Rock). These two are our current favourite comedians. The husband, of course, loves Steve Carrell for his role as eccentric, crazy manager boss, whom no one listens to, in The Office, and also all the roles he's played in other recent movies. And Tina Fey, who could ever forget her rendition of Sarah Pallin in Saturday Night Live!

So you put these two together and it should be a recipe for a successful comedic movie.

Surprisingly, when husband went to redeem tickets just the night before scheduled showtime, he said not many tickets had been sold. And when we went to take our seats before the movie yesterday night, sure enough, the cinema was rather empty. Although, the last row of seats we were sitting at slowly filled up closer to the movie start time.

It's quite a simple story line, ordinary (boring) husband and wife couple with two kids living in the 'burbs wanted to spice up one night of their lives with a nice paktor dinner out to a fancy restaurant in the city. They end up getting entangled in a web of mystery and getting chased down by mobs after they decidedly took a reservation for a no-show couple at the restaurant.

The 'normal, ordinary' part of the story may ring true for a lot of married couples, and one that husband and I hope not to have later on when kids come. Getting woken up by the kids at 5am! OMG! Getting stuck in a rut of having an ordinary date night once a week... hehehe.. hasn't come to that point yet... so *fingers crossed*...

So, anyways, our movie ended at about 9.15pm, came home at 9.30am, showered and got into bed by about 10.30pm, when we both declared that we were tired and went to sleep shortly after! so much for crossing fingers.....


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, tis been a while since my last post. Been meaning to do an update post for a while.. but have not really been inspired. And when I was, things have become a bit outdated.... so hurm.....

Here's just some photos of random stuff over the last couple of weeks or so, which gives some idea as to what have been up to. 

peanut encrusted crispies homemade by the maid, had this with 
gado gado, there were also ikan bilis encrusted ones but no picture

Also, the lou koong took me to have chilli pan mee at Kin Kin one of the Saturday afternoons. The wait was long and I was hungry and the boss' son was busy throwing his temper around scolding his helpers. Anyways, when the food finally came, it was such a small serving. And the soup didn't come with the noodles.... till later. Wolfed down the whole bowl quite quickly, eventhough I was consciously trying to make it last longer by eating each mouthful slowly and deliberately. The wait was so long and when the food came, so unsatisfying - decided the chilli pan mee wasn't going all the way there anymore. humph.... but not before going home with 4 packets of tapau and sharing another packet with the husband at home, to up the satiety level a little bit. 

▲ standard chilli pan mee - u only order how many bowls you want - make sure u order your
takeaway orders at the same time, otherwise u end up at the bottom of the queue again.

▲ the chilli that you add yourself to your pan mee

Also bought some Ikea furniture over the last couple of weeks. Am sure most of you know that Ikea furniture requires self-assembly.... was just amused at illustrations on the assembly instructions... hehehe

▲ caption: dun crack the corners, but put it on a magic flying carpet
and sayang ur furniture? hahahaha

▲ caption: what's in the box? hurm... 

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