Sunday, August 1, 2010

Panic Alert

Been awhile since my last post. Have so many things I wanna blog about but not enough time.. nor sleep! That's because baby has gotten a lot more active, staying awake longer, so spending more time entertaining her. And my 'free time' while she's asleep have been spent doing i-dunno-what! So just a quick post now before I go wake her up for her morning bath.

As a new mom traveling the motherhood road for the first time, it's like experiencing the world with a new perspective. When we go out now, we have an extra bag for baby's diaper stuff, we have one less seat in the car because of the baby car seat and less space in the boot because her stroller is there. So since we've started braving the world outside the home abit more, we're also learning how to navigate our frequently visited shopping malls for baby friendly areas - nursing rooms (these are almost non-existent in Malaysia) and diaper change places. SO.... imagine new mom, out with baby, nervous when she cries in public, I found this rather amusing when I was looking to change baby's diaper at Bangsar Shopping Complex:

A PANIC BUTTON right next to the baby changing station?!! hahaha... wondered who would come running if you pressed it in panic while trying to change your baby!
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