Saturday, December 11, 2010

Post race

It's six days post Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Haven't ran all week. Just watched the video captured of myself at the finishing line at

Feeling restless though. Maybe a short run tomorrow morning. Hope sore throat and runny nose is all better by then.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Green

Someone in advertising said to me awhile ago, "bloggers will blog about their coffee being black"....

So why not a blog post about my hair conditioner being green? :P haha... taking it a bit literally... 

Anyhoo, the hair conditioner that am using now is green. I suspect it's some seaweed ingredient in it that makes it green. Why seaweed? The hair product is from Japan. Why should I guess, why not just read off what's on the product label? The label is all in Japanese. How did I come to know of this product? The lady at the hair products store recommended it to me. 

Here's 2 pics of it - translation anyone? 

Had to finish off that post that I started last week when I was dry on blogging material.

Other more exciting news - personal record for a half marathon at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon! Woohooo!!! 2hr19m. :) Didn't quite make my target time of 2hr15m although I thought I was on track during the run. Felt really good during the run. Wore a Nike sleeveless tank top that I borrowed from sis for the run - think it kept me cool to the point of getting goosebumps at some parts of the race. So can i keep the top? *blinks innocently*

Think will do a proper blog post on the run after this. Feel like I have so much to say that I will not be able to contain my cheong hei-ness in just one paragraph above.

Other news - sister permed her hair! :) Permed... into curls.. hehehe.... she's had it straightened forever. Think she looks pretty good with it. Very different, but good different. Her friend calls it bombshell curls. :) Pic below of her getting her curls dried in the diffuser.

Did my hair too :) Hopefully will look less like a maid when I go out now... after the mandatory 3 days 'no wash hair' rule though. :)
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