Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

Think this post should be more aptly titled 'Breakfast'. :)

This was breakfast after the Bareno Run 2011. My usual running "gang" (hahaha) ran bandit at the Bareno Run, having missed the closing date. Also, slow in getting back into some form of training schedule, kinda had the Bareno Run sprung itself on us, when we realised in the week leading up to it that it was going to be held that same Sunday.

Realising that, we were going to run the half marathon. But my knee was giving me problems in the week before the run and my physio said better not run the half that Sunday. Actually, she said better not run that Sunday and recover properly before gearing up training again.

BBBBBUUUUUUUTTTT then she also said that I could "try out the knee"  - running to see at which point the pain kicks in. So I took that as, will try the knee out at the 10km run lar. :)

Run was okay - not too bad. Finished in decent time eventhough there was the threat of the knee failing looming throughout the run. Also had itunes stuck in my ear while keeping pace with sis throughout the whole run, except for the last hill leading up to the finish.

Anywayssssssss....... after the run, dug into the above :)
It's actually chee cheong fun but with kari sauce and I added yau cha kueh myself :). For non-Malaysian readers, "yau cha kueh" is like deep fried dough sticks that the Chinese love in their porridge, pork meat soup and even dipped in black coffee! haha...


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