Monday, November 29, 2010

Brotzeit, German Bier Bar & Restaurant

So, my botak friend told me about this new babi restaurant that recently opened during one of our, now, rare kopi sessions. He was telling me about how popular the place was and how everyone was heading over there for makans.

Where was it? At midvalley, near where Chilli's restaurant was.

So last Friday, the husband and I were deciding what to eat for lunch, while we were out with a friend. He suggested the coffee shop in Batai, Damansara Heights. I was like, let's go somewhere nicer to eat, since it was his birthday after all, which was when I remembered Brotzeit, which my botak friend had talked about.

Seems convenient enough, since we wanted to check out the Baby Expo that was going on in MV as well.

Headed over to MV and directions to the restaurant that was given was, near Starbucks. Yes - it was the same row as where Starbucks was, but No - it's not very near there, it's actually almost all the way to the other end of the row from Starbucks.

Approached it and was pleased that it looked like a nice open kinda pub. It's actually a German beer place. Ordered the recommended spicy bacon pizza. There were also lunch specials on and for RM19++ you could get a starter (choice of soup or green garden salad) and a main. Or for RM28++ you could add a third course of dessert. We had 2 lunch specials, one of which was the meatloaf as the main and the other was a farmer's platter of 2 sausages, mash potato, saurkraut and crispy pork. I was hungry, so I also added the bacon spread to the order.

A must try on the menu. My! The spicy bacon pizza certainly did not disappoint! It lived up to its expectations and the bacon spread was really yummy too! Came with 2 kinds of bread. yum yum! I could have just had the pizza and the bacon spread. But the meatloaf was tasty with the sunny side up egg. And the sausage platter was pretty good too, although I had preference for one of the sausages over the other - the one with the cheese inside. Yummmm.... :)

The verdict: Yes! Would definitely go back again. Also asked about them doing take aways for dinner, which they do!

We didn't finish the pizza, so here's the leftover. It was too good to go to waste and was pretty sure my sister would enjoy a taste of it!

yeah - it's a square pizza... so tasty... am feeling the craving for it now! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Contest update

Blackberry Torch Celcom nuffnang contest - didn't win. buggaaa...

saw the winning posts... looks like mine only! cheh

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