Friday, May 22, 2009

Another CrackBerry is Born

Research in Motion is a proud parent of  another crackberry in this world today. Spent the whole morning consolidating email addresses n phone numbers for contacts. Before this, I was carrying 3 Nokia phones of assorted sizes - 1 for my main voice call line, 1 for data and another phone for the family package line. Feels almost strange that I only need to put 1 device in my handbag now-but am sure I'll get used the pleasant change pretty quickly. 

Thanks for the bberry, honey!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fire Snake Girl

Recently, I have had some time to think about what I could be doing with my life. While I have not found an answer for that as yet, I did come across some thought provokers while trying to figure out a suitable name for this blog. 

Also, some have asked me why "fire snake girl"? 

According to the Chinese calendar, I was born in the year of the fire snake. Fire is one of the 5 Chinese elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) that overlays the 12-year cycle of animals. And, needless to explain the 'girl' part in the name of blog. 

There are certain characteristics of the fire snake that I found on this site: which I would like to comment on here: 

"Month - May; Western counterpart - Taurus"
Wow... am born in the month of May, which incidentally makes me a Taurean. 

"Fire Snakes can be a bit loud, speaking their minds and smothering you with their opinions. This does add a twist to his dynamic and vibrant character, as he is quite the extrovert."
I beg to differ. Am not loud, and definitely do not smother people with my opinions. Am also more of a wallflower at a party which hardly makes me an extrovert.

"Fire Snakes can change even the most obstinate mind with their powers of persuasion, convincing you their opinions or ideas are better than yours."
If this was true, then why do I have so much trouble convincing my husband of my ideas sometimes? 

"The Snake is very sophisticated and cultured in his choices for home d├ęcor. They like muted colors and prefer to have one very expensive chair rather than three reasonable priced ones."
Ya, definitely quality over quantity. See, honey? 

"Snakes become bored easily and therefore change jobs quite frequently."
Hurm..... well definitely need to be inspired. 

"Since they are such relaxed individuals, they can often seem to be slacking off at work when in reality they are at the height of their creativity."
haha.... that's right - when I am yawning at work, am actually thinking of the next big thing! Don't judge when you can't read what's going on in my head. 

"A Snake’s worst nightmare is jumping head first into a financial deal or a shopping spree."
Definitely explains how long I lusted after a DSLR and the lens that I wanted. 

And we finally get to the 'Snakes make excellent ..... ' list: 

Scientists: urm.... me in a white coat? 

Potters: What are potters? 

Analysts: Tried this for a while. Didn't work out as I thought.

Jewellers: Ya, I would like to explore this - especially in the design area. 

Spiritual Leaders: No. Unless manic-depressive is the new religion. 

Sociologists: How can? I thought snakes were self centred and opinionated? 

Dieticians: Maybe after I lose the weight that I need to lose, then I could start preaching diets. 

Astrologers: If all else fails, look to the stars for answers and inspiration. 

Magicians: Are you kidding me? 

Investigators: No comment. 

Painters: I can't even tell the difference between oil or acrylic. 

So there you go - a little bit of insight into this fire snake girl.

That One Special Day of the Year

Was given instructions this morning to wash my hair and wear a new (or was it nice) dress for the day.... because it's my birthday. And that I should also bath (and wash my hair) before I had my lunch... and lunch was going to be a special serving of birthday mee suah. 

So having looked through my wardrobe and not having gone out shopping for a while now, I don't have any new dresses nor do I have anything nice (or not so nice) to just sit around the house in. This is what I ended up putting together: 
  • a red smocked boob tube top; 
  • a pair of (sky?) light blue nike shorts I borrowed from my sister; and
  • a black floral top to cover up the otherwise exposed bra straps (couldn't find any other suitable cardi)
Not the most fashionable outfit (which is also the reason why there are no photos) - heck, am just hanging out at home, eventhough I did get the thumbs up from the more elderly person in my house. 

Felt very loved this year... got the following pressies amongst other things: 

My very own Polar running watch that comes with a foot pod and a heart rate monitor. This is a great welcome-back-to-running gift. Thanks S and M (no, not as in my sexual fetish... as in Gossip Girl la)! Can't wait to test this out. 

A Crumpler camera bag... although the one pictured isn't mine... but it's suppose to be this model - the 6 million dollar home...  

Oh ya, photo of my birthday mee suah:
Can you see - pork, 2 hard boiled eggs, kidney, liver and mushroom. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The newest addition to the family, Logan. He is a fumbling brown furball of a golden retriever. He loves playing with water, and lying down on wet surfaces. At the moment, he lives in the laundry area at the back of the house that leads out into the backyard. Just this evening, when he was let out to the back area, he immediately flopped himself onto the wet area of the floor. 

His mannerisms and the stuff he does are too cute for words, as with all puppies. He's about 7 weeks old now and already the same size as the other furball in the house, Bubbles. Bubbles, a 9 year old maltese, acts like his guardian when he's allowed to roam around in the house. She follows him around with curiosity.. and he seems to know it too. 

The other day when he was allowed in the house, Logan would run around the sofa, the coffee table... and Bubbles would chase after him. Until he got tired and ran back to his 'space' in the laundry. 

Here are some photos of the little fella... 

 << Here's one of him stretched out on the wet area 

<< Logan rolled over onto the drain

<< Logan getting up after rolling onto the drain and Bubbles watching his every move in the background

<< With his first soft toy - Conrad Hotel teddy bear

(can't get the hang of formatting on the blogger...grrrr)

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