Friday, February 26, 2010

Egg tarts

It's soft on the inside, it's a fluffy pastry on the outside, it's about the same diameter as a good sized mandarin.... it's.....

John King Egg Tarts

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food, food, food!

warning: non-halal and mentally disturbing photos of food to follow, ie, may cause cravings. 

Am not so much a foodie as someone who just likes taking nice photos. So, I never really do food reviews about places I've eaten at, although I may take photos of the food. I don't really do photography reviews either, since am not a pixel peeper (learnt this term from my brother, who is more of a photography geek than I am... he certainly has more gear than me! :P). And I am a canon user through and through... so the conversations with Nikon DSLR users also pretty much stop when they say, "I have a Nikon". No point me asking what model, cause I can't/don't keep track of the different digits and numbers for the Nikon dslrs.

But this post is a bit about both food and photography, as it's mainly a post about foods we've indulged in over the last week or so... food makes such good photography subjects - they always look good!

the deconstructed salmon yee sang at Sun Yau Tak Ding, TTDI

▲ marble cheesecake we had for Larry's birthday at Secret Recipe

▲ have u seen a more perfect slice of roast pork? roast pork on mustard 
sauce at Grand Imperial, Bangsar Shopping Complex

▲ two little dumplings sitting in a basket.... ho hum ho hum..... 
xiao loong bao at Grand Imperial, Bangsar Shopping Complex 
(not that good - bit dry, not much soup inside the dumpling)

▲ smoked duck breast salad at Dish, Dua Annexe

▲ Foie gras at Dish, Dua Annexe

▲ apple fritters with vanilla ice cream, Dish @ Dua Annexe

▲ molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and some strawberry compote, 
Dish @ Dua Annexe

▲ complimentary passionfruit marshmallow and chocolate truffle, 
Dish @ Dua Annexe

oh ya, like any other photographer, I don't like it when people use my photos :P. So no stealing and all credits please. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


it's so hot, mommy! where's the air cond? 

Our air cond compressor has been out of action for the last week and a bit!! :( our air cond man has diagnosed it as being a faulty compressor, and since it's still under warranty, we have to wait for the technician from Panaasonic to come inspect the damn thing.

Coincidentally, this is also the first time am experiencing the full blown CNY weather in KL! aargh... it is hot hot hot hot!!!!!! husband and I managed a few nites sleeping without the air cond in our room. But i gave up after sweating through my pyjamas one night. So we are now camped out in the other room which has a working air cond unit! *relief*

Picture above of the pooch was when she suddenly rolled over onto the back as if she was too hot lying in the room without the a/cond. After that i opened the door and she beckoned me towards the room with the air cond - she knows it from having slept in it the last few nites. She walked right into the room, had her drink of water and then headed under the bed.... :)

▲ think it'll be cooler under the bed... 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Just realised that I hadn't been sitting still whiling away the hours of the day of CNY for a long time. My family and I have been holidaying during CNY for the last many years. Anyways, here are some photos to mark the festivities so far:

roast pig for CNY Reunion Dinner at Pik Wah Lau at MABA

▲ cutest ang pow packets from Bangsar Village, my favourite this year

Oh ya, today, Valentines' Day, also marks the day that husband and I got together a whole decade ago. There were no flowers, no fancy dinner, no other fancy presents.... and photo below depicts what our relationship have become: 
▲ hehe.... cyber love... what to do, the internet permeates our lives

Anyhoo, spent the day playing games - Wii, cards and mahjong :) ... conclusion: was a rather "productive" day today. :) Wouldn't mind if this kind of an 'income stream' lasted for a bit... :)

Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, San Lin Fai Lok.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lunch was....

Kari wan tan mee at Old Town Kopitiam

Did you all know that Old Town Kopitiam started serving up wan tan noodles? they come in various combinations, there's the normal usual dried stuff, but I go weak in the knees for good dry kari wan tan noodles.... so had this for lunch for the 2nd day in a row now.. :) yumm *slurp*

From left to right, you can see loitering above the egg noodles: deep fried wan tan (translation: dumplings), halal char siew (translation: kosher roast pork @ chicken), taufoo pok (translation: fried bean curd puffs) all sitting on yummy kari (translation: curry - ok ok, so i use my kari and curry interchangeably) sauce.

▲ slurped all the sauce up... yummy

▲ the egg noodles banner at old town                   that's how my father's shirt looked after

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Colors

Yea! Just got new colors from Color Culture, Bangsar Village II :). Went with sis with the intention to buy 1 bottle of new colour. Mom came along and we ended choosing 2 colours, until the sales girl said, if you buy 3 bottles, you get 1 free! So those are the 4 colours you see in the photo - from right to left: Kinky in Helsinki, Meet & Jingle, Royal Flush Blush and can't remember the name of last bottle, since it wasn't printed on a sticker stuck to the bottom. 

The middle 2 bottles were the first 2 colours we agreed on first. And then, we ended up with the other 2 bottles on the sides. My mom is now wearing Meet & Jingle on her feet and my sis just got Royal Flush Blush on her fingers. I've got the last color on the left - all very pretty colours! :) 

In case you all didn't know, buying colors from Color Culture is great because you get to test the colours out on your nails! Love it! That's one the hardest thing about buying nail polish colours, just like lipstick, because you never really know how they actually look like when you wear it, or whether or not you would like it on you. And the girls at Color Culture were very accomodating, didn't show any attitude about us trying so many colours. :) 

So, the 4 bottles ended up costing us a total of RM177 and with the 15% cashback with the Maybank AMEX credit card, it worked out to be RM37.60/bottle, compared to the normal retail price of RM59/bottle. For the price of 3 manicures, we got 4 bottles that we can keep reusing :). Am starting to get the hang of DIY manis/pedis too :). 

So now my collection of OPI stuff are as follows: 

 6 bottles (normal sized) and 3 small sized bottles in the Teeny Bikinis
 collection that I bought earlier. the blue in the front is sister's colour. 

Will be redoing the mani for a few of my finger nails before the CNY this weekend :). That way, I get to keep my mani on for quite a long time. 
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