Friday, February 18, 2011

Fire Update

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

Have been busy with a holiday overseas. Think am still slightly jetlagged from the 3 hour time difference between KL and Sydney. Never had jetlag for so long after traveling from Australia before.

It has its plus points in a way. Means its slightly easier for me to get in the morning to go running. Did a first run in the year of the rabbit last Sunday morning. Ran about 13.3kms before having to walk the rest of the way back for a total distance of about 14kms.

My left knee was hurting from running at a faster pace. I was "playing" with a group of guys who were running at about 5'40/km pace. Was pretty good fun... Kept up all the way until the hill incline.

Oops - I digressed from the title of this blog.

The room that endured the fire was cleaned up by the contractor before Chinese New Year! I heart my contractor, when he gets things right. He mobilised his workers really quickly. We got the debris all removed and then the room was prepped for painting and the floor cleaned up. Then he got the electrician in to install a new air cond unit and fixed up the lights too. Wah lah! Done! In about 3 days' work! woohoo!

The insurance companies, on the other hand, sigh.. a different story altogether.

Will post up photo of the 'new' room.

oh! also newsworthy - husband and I are going out for our SECOND dinner date tonight! woah.... so good, ya? Nothing special other than trying to use up vouchers for free meals we have!!!

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