Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breaking out the Onesies...

So it's been slightly over a month since baby came into our lives and the confinement lady who had been helping me take care of baby had come and gone. :(

Anyways, I was asking her when we should start putting baby in onesies - which I seem to have so many of, thanks to gifts from people :). Baby had only been in tops that open up in front because slipping clothes over her head would have been too difficult for anyone handling a newborn. She said after she's a month old when her neck is stronger... so there I was, going through her closet for the onesies after she turned a month old and to my horror - some of them were already too small for her! aiyo! they couldn't go over her big head. hehe... so started bringing out the other ones that said 0-3 months old so that they don't outgrow all her pretty clothes.

Here's the fashionista on parade:

Label: Mon Caramel
Long sleeved romper with matching long pants for the night

Label: Pumpkin Patch
Stripey short sleeved onesie with matching yellow mittens and socks
This was my koko's so looking a bit like a boy boy here

Label: Roca Wear
Purple puff sleeved onesie with pink mittens
How cute do I look? 

Label: Baby Biz
Red 3/4 sleeved romper
This is a bit too small for me already - see how there's only 1 button used?

Label: DKNY Baby
2 Piece long sleeved side buttoned top and long pants
Looking mega comfortable here

Label: Mothercare
Short sleeved onesie
Only got 1 photo of me in this since I was already crying for milk

Label: Baby Biz
Purple long sleeved romper 
You can't see it in the photo but it says '100% Adorable' on the front

Label: Carter's
Pink short sleeved onesie
Daddy couldn't stop saying "just too cute" the whole day 

That's all for now... will have more fashion updates at another time....  :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

You Know You're Breastfeeding When...

  1. you indiscrimately grab your breasts.... not in a sexual way, to check which boob has more milk....
  2. you search your wardrobe for a top to wear that would allow you whip your boobs in the least time possible...and they aren't for your other half's benefit....
  3. you look at a the pacifier not as a saviour but as a rival to your breastfeeding efforts.... 
  4. you are "baby-trained", ie you wake up at about feeding time waiting for baby to wake up eventhough you haven't had quite enough sleep yet
  5. new parts of your body hurt/tingle, that didn't before, when you touch cold water...
  6. you say 'BF' and you don't mean bestfriend...
  7. you shriek in the bathroom when your "faucets" turn on...
  8. you understand where the expression "crying over spilt milk" comes from and it's not just an expression anymore... 
  9. the amount of poop in your baby's diaper gives you a sense achievement - telling you that she had a good feed on the breast earlier....
  10. you wonder if there was anyone else who might walk in through the door while you were nursing... don't people knock anymore?!
But it's all worth it....

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