Monday, December 14, 2009

Doggie Looking for Home....

Here's a (not so good) photo of the little fella looking for a home: 

▲ now named 'Siti' by the maid

My mom's maid brought home this dog last weekend from her friend's place. Said that the friend was giving it away and asked if my dad wanted to keep the dog. My dad's non-committal response was, "Have to see the dog first" and hence the dog appeared in the house.

Since then, the dog has been in my parents' house... chewing up some slippers... but surprisingly has made friends with the other doggies - Gracie and even the bad mood, territorial, old lady, Bubbles.

First impression of her is she's incredibly shy of people - not sure if that's a sign that she's been abused or that she's been neglected, hence not trusting of people. She only goes to the maid, and plays with the maid, no one else. Though, whenever Bubbles is around, she loves coming over to say hello and then play :).

▲ another look at Siti

She has a long body, with short legs.. so looks likes she's got some daschund (sausage dog) blood, mix with golden retriever (although my sister reckons that's not physically possible... hehehe) resulting in a mousedeer like coat on her back... Should call her Sang Kancil instead. :)

Anyways, since we said we didn't want to keep her, the maid's friend has said that she was just gonna take her back and let her run off. She had no intention of keeping the dog.... That's just plain cruel and so wrong!!! Couldn't bear the thought of her running off and getting hit by a car.... *sobs

So, anyone interested in adopting her, please drop a line! Will try to take better photos of her!

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