Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doggie Looking for Home Part 2....

Here are some better photos of her... the husband said I should've groomed her first then only take photos *pengsan*.

▲ hello folks... am looking for a good home

▲ oops - i blinked.. but i don't like the flash

▲ i'm long and skinny.. not quite sure wat breed i am.. looks
like a bit of mousedeer fur on my back too..  hehe

▲ have a patch of white fur on my chest

▲ i can shake hands too... but only with Fina

▲ I love playing with the other doggies....

▲ I do love a good scratch but I'm very shy with people

▲ So please take me to a good, warm, loving home..
i'll be good and will be easy to love... *licks*

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