Friday, December 18, 2009

Doggie Adoption Update

Took the doggie to the vet this morning. So here's wat we know and did:
  • she's about 8-8.10 kgs (wow - unexpected!) 
  • vet thinks she a terrier mix
  • estimated that she's about 10 months old, young adult he said
  • hence, shouldn't grow too much bigger, maybe to about 10kgs
  • gave her vaccinations jab, to go back for booster in 3 months' time
  • also gave her deworming tab
  • her heartworm status will be tested via a bloodtest when she goes back for her vaccination booster
  • she's DEFINITELY female! hahaha... :) 
At the vet she was a curious li'l fella... looking at everything that was happening around her, not scared at all. Unlike the old lady, Bubbles, who gets so scared until her tongue turns blue when she's at the vet... just from being in the vet and waiting.

She was happily sniffing and saying hello to Scruffy, another terrier, who was there waiting for her check up, after a near death experience from liver failure about a month ago.

Am so glad that I never became a vet, I think I'd cry at work everyday seeing all the poor sick doggies and cats. :)

She did get scared though, when this big momma of a malay lady walked into the vet carrying her 3 cat cages. hahaha.. she went and hid behind the maid's legs when the lady was walking in.

Otherwise, she was very calm on the vet's inspection table, just lied down, didn't protest/struggle when the vet examined her...

▲ I'm sitting quietly and waiting for my turn to see the nice doctor

"Anyone wanna take me home yet? I'm getting better and better with people everyday..."

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